Web Based Project Management System and Services

Each of our customers receive a DEDICATED IP address on a DEDICATED SERVER in our facility. This prevents the possible contamination of data from the sharing of server space and/or IP Addresses. We do not share server space among clients. We have never shared server space, and never plan to.

Additionally, you have the option of having the server located in your office complex and remotely maintained by us.

Our Client's confidential data is archived, nightly. We backup all files on a separate server in a remote location. Your maximum exposure to data loss is 24 hrs. When archiving, we "Date Stamp" each file, allowing the re-creation of a previous time period for any possible disputes, claims, arbitration, etc. All files are archived at 10:30 P.M. Central Standard Time, unless requested differently. For our Overseas Customers, we can adjust our schedule to offset the time differential

We provide Uninteruptible Power Supplies to all servers for support during electrical power outages.

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