Web Based Project Management System and Services

We offer the most user friendly, cost effective Project Management system on the market. Anyone managing projects with labor and budgets can benefit from our system. Very quickly, you can determine labor task productivity, material over/under runs, budget issues, equipment usage trends, and Profit/Loss forecasting for your project, from any computer that is connected to the internet.

Our system was developed by Construction Professionals with over 60 years of experience in Heavy Industrial projects in the Refining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Power Generation Industries.

Unlike our competitors, we developed a Project Management System that will work with your Accounting software. Many of the competing products in the market are Accounting systems that have attempted to adapt to the Construction Industry, but fall short of understanding the Project Controls required to manage the challenges faced on Construction projects. Quite simply, the others can't match our effectiveness in providing you with the information needed to recognize trends that are developing on your project. Accounting systems have their place in the Construction Industry, so we developed our system to interface for payroll and invoicing activities, but retained Project Controls for the Construction Professionals.

With our system, you can tell your Accounting department the status of your project, before they can tell you.

Our Clients manage Industrial, Commercial and Consulting projects from remote locations in many parts of the globe. We have Clients that are very sophisticated in the use of computer systems, as well as, entry-level users that we have assisted in adapting to web based solutions.

Please allow us to demonstrate our system and professional service to your business. You will never want to manage another project without our system, once you realize what "real time data" can do for your company.

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